This world is getting worse by the day. I can't stand to look at the news or read the paper anymore because people are acting more and more like animals! The economy being bad is NOT an excuse for assholes to rob, shoot, beat and kill innocent people!!! Every day there's a story about somebody robbing and killing a senior citizen. If they cooperated when you stuck the gun in their face and gave you what you wanted, WHY DID YOU STILL HAVE TO KILL THEM?? I'm sick of people using the excuse "there ain't no jobs out there so you gotta get yours by any means necessary". So that means steal from people that are struggling just like you? Your neighbors not the ones who laid you off or fired you!! You rob people, sell drugs and kill because you WANT TO!!!! Nobody is forcing you to live that lifestyle but yourself. If you have to kill somebody, kill YOURSELF! We ruined our city and it might be too late to fix it........ We need to also work together to try to find 2 year old Bianca Jones. It's been 5 days she has been missing and i'm praying they will find her safe and alive. We also can't forget about Kalisha "Mocha" Madden. Its been 2 weeks she has been missing. She is a daughter, a sister, and a mother of six. Anybody who knows anything in either of these cases, or any other case where you might help a family protect or recover a loved one call 1-800-SPEAKUP. You would want that help if it was your mother, sister, daughter or wife.