Welcome to a world like no other: The World of Kim Possible. A place where drive, determination, and passion are the key components for why Kim Stampley is easily one of the hottest and most sought after models in the country. Kim is not only a model, but an up and coming actress as well. Her featured role in the stage play “When a Woman Loves” not only shows her versatility, but was vital in enhancing her presence as an overall force in the entertainment industry. Her ability to adapt and excel in multiple genres in entertainment, not only makes her unique, but a rare find to say the least. There are many pretty faces, but Kim stands out amongst them all. When you see Kim, you’ll know, because you’ll be talking about it well past the first moment you saw her.


Originally from Detroit, Kim’s fondness for the camera combined with her loveable personality, got her the success she is growing from today. She has been featured in many national magazines, fashion runways, music videos, and the list goes on. No challenge is too great for Kim; in fact, she’s always looking for the next one. Opportunity doesn’t knock on Kim’s door; she goes out and knocks until opportunities answer to her. Names are nouns, but Kim is a verb with everything that she does. With style, grace, and charm, she keeps it moving so she can stay one step ahead of the competition. Are you ready? If so, welcome to the world of Kim Stampley: Where Anything is Possible.